Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News, new year, and Valentine's Day

Hi all!

I hope you are all doing well in the new year!

Soapier had a great year in 2009, thanks solely to the help of Reddit.com. Wow. We were very blown away by the support, and the kind words we received about our product.

Really, we are so thankful.

We hope that 2010 is an even better year! Not only for us, as individuals, and for our company, but for the country as well, and all of the people who were hurt by the economy.

On top of that, we hope that things get better in Haiti. Such a terrible tragedy. Soapier will be donating 25% of all sales (except samplers and reddit soaps) to DirectRelief. Reddit users went above and beyond, and have donated more than $100,000 to that fantastic cause. We couldn't help but follow suit. We're doing our best to pay forward all of the help and support we've received.

Thanks for stopping by, for having an interest in Soapier, and for your support.

Oh, and if you've got a loved one this year who you think will love our soaps, we've got a new line of Valentine's Day soaps available!

All the best to you and yours this year,

John @ Soapier