Friday, August 13, 2010

Martha Stewart Would Love These Soaps!!

Lemon Pound Cake Soapanimals!!!

Well, we think she'd love them.

She loves animals right? Got all those cute dogs and new pet products, check she likes animals.

She loves food right? Has her own recipe magazine, plus she started with a catering business way back when, check she likes food.

So we combined two of Martha's loves and made our very cute soapanimals (that's a new word that we're hoping will catch on).

First lets talk about the scent. A rich buttery lemon pound cake fragrance that has you going back for more. I'm a food fragrance lover, actually I love all the fragrances but I think the food ones are the best. They are the most fun and they always bring a smile to my face. It's a bit uplifting to smell a really good food scent and my gosh lemon pound cake is one of them.

Now we would be remiss if we didn't discuss all these cute face animals. This set of nine different soapanimals includes the cat, giraffe, hippo, lion, cow, elephant, dog, chick and bunny. There isn't a sad one in the bunch, I think they all look pretty happy, but maybe it's the lemon pound cake fragrance that has them so content.

Mix a bit of lemon pound cake scent with a bunch of animals and I'm sure we could have Martha Stewart singing, ahhhhhh, a bit off key but singing.

I have to tell you that making these soaps is so much fun and I think using them would be just as enjoyable.

Each glycerin soap bar weighs in at 2 ozs each and you receive one of each of the following; Sorry folks only one set is available and it's only on Etsy. Click HERE to find them

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cool As A Cucumber

August, the dog days of summer! It's hot, it's humid, we all want relief!

I live in Florida and the beach is pretty close but my days are so hectic that I rarely get to go. What's a gal to do? Showers, lots of showers! I love a good shower, it cools me off, makes me feel human again and it helps to relieve that hot humid fatigue that sort of comes with the dog days of summer.

Wanting relief from the heat got me to thinking about a cool smelling soap for these humid days. Cucumber Mint or as I call it Cool As A Cucumber was the answer (pictured above) . It's cucumber cool and minty fresh with just a touch of sophistication. Pretty... cool! So fire up those showers, get cooled off and then you'll be human again to do those things you need to do.

Because I love this soap so much all orders from August 6th till the end of the month will get a guest size bar free (2 ozs) in each order. (shown here) You can order the best soaps on the net HERE

Remember keep it cool!!