Monday, May 10, 2010


I don't want you to think that I think that I can do things extraordinary, but really what I wanted the title to mean was don't just settle for ordinary, take it to the next level.

I have this wonderful guest soap mold, that makes these cute 2" x 2" x 1" soaps. Each soap weighs about 2 ozs each. Great size to put at the bathroom sink. I love the size, I love how it has a bit of beveled edge and on it's own it's pretty.

Here I just swirled two colors for each set to make it a bit different. I was pleased with them. They actually were made for my Day At The Beach Gift Set available now on Ebay. You can find them HERE

A blank canvas can become almost anything, so can this soap mold, almost anything. So my first attempt was these heart ones below. I loved making these and they went very well during Valentine's Day. Each color was a different fragrance and I packaged them up four in a clear cello bag, pretty ribbon and a gift tag. They would make great bridal favors or wedding favors.

Then I realized that I had some small silicone molds for seashells. I made a bunch of them in white soap and added them to the top of clear turquoise beach fragrance guest soaps. These are so cute, they are perfect for a destination wedding or even as a gift for someone you are visiting at the shore.

Now I could of added a small toy to the top but I only like using soap on soap. I fear that a toy object might be accidentally rough, scratchy on the skin. Below is the finished product. I just added them to Ebay under our new Ebay name SoapFavors and you can find them HERE

I have a few more ideas cooking in my brain for this blank canvas and I'll give you a holler so you can see and then tell me what you think.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soap Pets Are Fun!!!


I love these soaps, I love how cute they are, I love the different animals and I love their faces. I just want to squeeze their cheeks, but I can't.

Along with the great design of these molds, we want to make sure we give them a look you will love. So we did them up in our Oatmeal Milk and Honey recipe with that great fragrance of the same name and we added oatmeal for it's great benefit. The texture that comes thru on them is really special. It just gives these guys a bit of oomph!! Don't you agree?

Now you could buy these for your kids to entice them into the bath, you could buy them as baby shower favors, or as favors for those kids parties. Oh yeah you could also buy them for yourself, but you better hide them like that candy you don't want hubby and kids to find.

These cute soaps as of today May 8th 2010 are up for auction starting at .99 for the set of four. You can get there from HERE If you can't wait for the auction to end you could also buy them at $4.00 for the set plus shipping and you can get there from HERE . Take a look to see what we hav going on at Ebay.

Have a great day, week, month, year!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Closeout Soaps and Soap Favors Now On Ebay

We've just opened a new Ebay account under the name SoapFavors where we are listing closeout soaps and soap favors.

Pictured shown is a set of 3 White Chocolate Covered Cherries soaps in red and white on a wooden soap dish. With all soap it's important to keep it from sitting in water. Water sitting will make your soap dissolve quicker and become a bit gummy. This wooden soap dish solves that problem with it's slots that let the water escape from the soap. Keeping your soap dry in between washing will let you keep your soap that much longer. You get it all for $12.95 here at EBAY

You say white chocolate covered cherries, what can that possible smell like? It's yummy and one of those scents that you just can't stop putting up to your nose to inhale the sweetness of it. Double fragranced like all of our soaps, the scent will linger awhile on your skin. It will also make your bathroom smell divine after your shower. Oh yeah I know you know this but I'll mention it anyway, glycerin soap is great for your skin. It moisturizes plus the lathered is rich and creamy. Soapier's great soap is an affordable luxury that you enjoy to the very last piece of it.

Don't forget while you are there at EBAY check out some of our other cools soaps. These soaps that you find on Ebay won't be found on Act fast before they are gone, and once gone, they are .......... gone.

Have a great day and thanks for thinking of us here at