Thursday, August 13, 2009

The onslaught (part 2)

Ok folks. We just received the bacon fragrance for the soaps on Friday, finished making all of the orangered soaps, and started making the bacon soaps yesterday! They're un-molded, wrapped and labeled, packed in bubblewrap, and ready to be shipped!

We're all very excited to hear from the first few people who receive the soaps. This is a very pins-and-needles time. New product and all... very exciting!

Thanks to everyone who purchased soap, thanks to Alexis and Reddit for taking a chance on Soapier, and thanks to everyone for the kind words and advice we've received!

We're excited that you're excited about the bacon soaps. We're working on a bacon soap slice as I type... that should be interesting. There are two bacon sites that are interested in becoming affiliates, to sell the soap... let's hope it catches on!

If you have a blog, or a website, and a network of friends who you think would love Soapier soaps, sign up for our affiliate program! We are giving 20% commissions on sales!

John @ Soapier

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The onslaught (part 1)

Well, hello.

So, we had our first wave of orders for the Reddit Alien Soaps, and boy oh boy, Reddit did not disappoint!

In the past week we received over 400 orders, selling over 550 Reddit Alien soaps! Very nice, we're all very excited about it, and my mom and sister are working very hard to get the soaps made.

We finalized on the bacon scent, it's on its way... and in the meantime we're (when I say 'we're', I mean they're) making all the orange soaps, getting them ready, along with all the other soaps people ordered.