Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soapier and The Colbert Report

So, after the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, I got in touch with someone who was in touch with the people at the Colbert Report.

I cannot tell you the impact that the Colbert letter had on me, when he (and his writing staff) ended up mentioning Soapier.

Things were pretty gray around here, in regards to what we were going to do about our business. I decided, after seeing that letter, that I was going to take charge of the business.

This person got me in touch with Stephen Colbert's assistant, and after some back and forth, I got an address and sent them a mess of Reddit soaps, as a thank you for mentioning us.

I also was able to get us permission to give out bars of Soapier soap to their audience members on January 19th.

Here's what we'll be giving out.

This is huge for us. I think it will be huge for .

I think it's important that I explain why we're doing this, this year.

After the unprecedented display of generosity from Redditors for DonorsChoose, the last thing we wanted to do is seem like we were jumping on a bandwagon, riding the wave, and taking advantage of the spirit of not only the rally, but also the spirit of the holidays. It was just something I didn't want to do.

What I did want to do was make sure that even though we reached our goal, even though we got the Rally we wanted, and the Reddit After-Party, and all of the good feelings, and we were inspired and all... schools all over the country are still in need of help.

I didn't want people to just forget about DonorsChoose. Not that they would just forget, but you understand. I wanted their organization to continue to benefit, since they're doing an immense amount of good.

Starting today, we're taking orders for Soapert soaps. They will start to ship on February 1. $2 from every bar sold will go directly to DonorsChoose. At the end of February, I'll take suggestions on where the money should go, from the Reddit community.

If you buy a Soapert bar, and you purchase another bar, we'll add another $1 to the cause.

Thanks for being such great customers, great friends, and great supporters, not only of us, but of organizations trying hard to make this a better world.

None of this could have happened without you. We really appreciate it.

John @ S

PS - if you show up to the taping on January 19th, I'll be there, along with some Redditors. Should be a fun night!

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